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What people get wrong about digital marketing

We love digital marketing! The key to success in digital marketing is to define your business vision, break it into clear quarterly goals, devise a strategy, determine your audience and then create regular content that audience will LOVE. People often make the mistake of sharing content without understanding their audience or sharing content about the company rather than content for the audience.

Tell your story through the medium of video

The aim of marketing isn’t to ‘sell’ to people and it’s not to shout about your brand. The aim is marketing is to build your reputation with your audience by proving your worth up front. Create value for your audience, show them you care, put them first and when the time is right, they will choose you.

6 Step Process

We’ll guide you through each step

Step 1

Let’s define the vision for the full business: what are you trying to achieve as a company; what do you want to be known for?

Step 2

Split your vision into clear goals that can be measured each quarter.

Step 3

Set the strategy: clearly define the approach to speaking to your audience and building a strong relationship.

Step 4

Define the audience more clearly: specifically who are you talking to and what content would they love to consume?

Step 5

Create ‘pillar’ content that all social media content derives from. For example, a weekly video creates the opportunity for mini videos, quotes, a written version and an audio version of the video.

Step 6

On site quarterly reviews to check in on progress, generate content ideas for upcoming months and adjust the tactical approach as needed.

What is Your ‘Pillar Content’?

Your content is such an important part of digital marketing. Our approach is to start with ‘pillar content’. For example, the focus could be on weekly videos or monthly articles. This piece of pillar content would be created and then cut up and edited to form the content for all other platforms.


For example: By generating a daily ‘VLOG’ video for DARETOGROW, I’m able to create mini videos, quotes and stories for all social media platforms. The ‘pillar content’ is the vlog.

Longer form video uploaded to YouTube

YouTube cover

Stills from video are turned into graphics

Instagram quotes

Ideas in the video can become written posts

Written Content

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What can you expect?

Strategic and tactical advice on how to grow your audience and business.

Fresh new ideas for building your brand and generating original new content.

All design, written and video content included in the monthly retainer fee.

Online project management tool so you can track progress on your account daily.

Super fast turnaround on urgent work, such as banners for upcoming events.

Quarterly review meetings in person to run through results and discuss new ideas.

Full social media account management for the length of the contract.

Call to speak to Lisa Bean in person at any time. Lisa will be handling your account.

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Whilst we’ll deliver most items in house, we use freelancers to deliver tactical items on scale. It’s the best way to maximise budget and time. We’ll take care of it all.

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