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Making your video doesn’t have to be scary!

Digitia Video is about capturing the essence of your brand on video. This might be a one off ‘about us’ video or a mini training series to share with your audience. Whatever the project, we’ll work with you at each stage to plan, film and produce your video content. We’re human, we’re real and we know how it feels to stand in front of a camera so we’ll help you to feel at ease and get it right. Making your video doesn’t need to be scary.

Tell your story through the medium of video

We love making videos! They give you the chance to not just ‘tell’ your story but to ‘show’ your story. Imagine telling your company’s story but having visual shots of you at work or really artistic shots of your office or factory show up as you speak?  Video will help you tell your story better than any piece of writing or art work ever could because video gives viewers a real glimpse into who you are and what you do.

6 Step Process

We’ll guide you through each step

Step 1

Call to discuss the purpose and approach of your video

Step 2

Storyboarding your idea to map out the scenes needed

Step 3

On site to capture footage for cut 1 of video

Step 4

‘Out and about’ to capture ‘b roll’ footage to add interest to video

Step 5

Draft 1 of video produced, with logo slides, music and credits

Step 6

5 stage editing process, through to production of final HD video

Recent Projects

There’s no better way to judge our quality than by reviewing our recent work.




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Book in your brand new video.

Pricing starts at £600 for a 3 minute ‘about us’ video with music, ‘b roll’ shots and a HD video file ready to upload. Videos are included at no extra cost when you work with us monthly.

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Fill in your details and let’s start with a friendly chat to talk about your idea and what’s involved in the process. Remember, I’m here to help you get online and use digital media to promote your business.

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What can you expect?

Storyboarding support to help you plan a high impact video

HD video footage with excellent sound quality through separate mics

File ready to upload to YouTube, web site and social media channels

Full project management of video from start to finish

Super fast turnaround, with draft one ready within 48 hours

Can be included as part of monthly retainer

Video clips can be saved and re-used in future video productions

Excellent quality at very competitive pricing

Experienced in business, not just marketing

Why Choose Us

We know more because we…

Practice what we preach

There’s a unique insight you get from ‘doing it yourself’. What we advise, we’ve already done ourselves with measurable results.

It’s a better investment because…

We’re business minded.

Having built three six figure businesses and consulted with six and seven figure businesses across the UK, we speak your language and understand the business landscape.

You’ll only need one agency because…

We’re strategic and tactical

Whilst we’ll deliver most items in house, we use freelancers to deliver tactical items on scale. It’s the best way to maximise budget and time. We’ll take care of it all.

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